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Webinar dated on 23rd August 2021
 1 PM - 2.45 PM CET


Presented by Brian Baptista,

Brian Baptista is passionately committed to Education. A well-known Educational and Business consultant, with a prior successful startup COPUBLICA Education, which specialized in international development projects in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our Keynote Speakers

Michael has more than 30 years of international business experience, with focus on information technology, telecom and e-commerce. He had firsthand involvements in more than 325 international investments in Europe, US, Canada, Russia, UAE, Taiwan, China & West Africa. He has served as a non-exec board member in more than 100 international private, public and government companies. 

Chris Brotherson is a High performing sales professional with 20+ years in business to business sales, sales training, sales leadership and learning & development.

VP Of Sales & Development at Global LT.

Subjects Our Speakers Will Be Covering

Valuable Sections Of This Free Webinar


Introduction to SUPERMANAGER and our guest speakers


How to position yourself better at
your job


How to go from a good to a GREAT leader


Ending remarks

What People Said About Previous Webinars

General Manager

The guidance Brian gave me and tools he provided me with really transformed the way in which I run weekly reports and ensure that I have time to devote to what matters most. His support around Priority Planning helped me improve my strategic planning and project management skills. I now feel like I have an effective system to close the gap between daily to-do lists and annual goals. Truly life changing!

Shabir Ahmad, 
Key Management Personnel

Their personal management systems and their work with our senior and middle leaders to customize these systems to their own personal styles has significantly improved the quality of their lives. They feel more organized and more productive, using practices learned from Brian’s workshops to steadily make progress towards their big goals while effectively handling the daily deluge of details.

Reporting Manager

Thank you – this session particularly spoke to me. After being working here for four years and then jumping into a role where I manage 28 staff at the end of the day and have a number of competing priorities, I feel I can start to take back control over my time. Very informative and engaging!


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Webinar dated on 23rd August 2021
1 PM - 2.45 PM CET

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