The Top 7 leadership Qualities You Need As A Business Manager

Are leadership qualities inborn? This leadership question has caused numerous debates from the past up until now. In fact, there are misconceptions that the male child has better leadership qualities than the female child. Of course, heredity allows for some natural leadership qualities like humility, confidence, and grit. But it’s not gender-skewed. Researches confirm that heredity only accounts for less than half of leadership traits and qualities.

Be it inborn or not, business managers are leaders by default as their position accords them. And through diligent involvement and dedication, getting to the position of a business manager makes you pick up different leadership qualities along the way. But not all. You have to deliberately cultivate and act on leadership skills for them to fully bloom.

If all leadership skills aren’t innate, can they be learned/cultivated? A big YES. And one of our aims at SUPERMANAGER is to teach you how to make leadership your second nature. We give people free leadership and management training. Helping people battle the fear of their inability to lead is one of our core goals, which is why we have compiled these 7 traits of great leaders to keep you on your toes.

Management Traits


For managers, when we say “awareness,” we’ve merged both self-awareness and paying attention to your ambience. First of all, as a business leader, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to admit them, and do not hesitate to call for help when you need it. Take advantage of your strong points and don’t neglect your Achilles’ heels, too. Also, don’t dread criticism because it’ll surely come. But great leaders expect it; in fact, some ask for it. These pointers will improve your awareness and help you know how to navigate challenges and come out victorious.


Confidence fuels leadership. Confident people, even if they lack other qualities, often project as natural leaders in management and other professional settings. So confidence is the bedrock of leadership. Of course, other skills and traits listed here are important to your business leadership journey, however, they all rely on your confidence to thrive. Confident people command trust; as a confident manager, people trust easily. Why? People are naturally wired to perceive confidence as competence, which is why you need to hone other leadership skills.


As a business leader/manager, humility helps keep things glued and in order in your team. Many managers deem humility to be a lack of confidence. Confidence projects competence, but humility makes you admit your weaknesses, apologize for mistakes, and try to make amends. Most don’t see it as a leadership skill/trait as it often depicts weakness or incompetence. As a manager, you aren’t a know-all. But allowing open-mindedness to asking questions when answers are out, your reach requires another type of subtle energy; that’s humility. Humility makes you accept your imperfections?


Optimism doesn’t guarantee automatic success. It’s the courage to embrace difficulties and challenges without fear of failure. Great managers know this, and that’s why their coping mechanism is far better than the others. And this is why they develop a great degree of grit and resilience to battle more difficult situations. An optimistic person has foresight; they are always focused on solving problems. So becoming an exceptional leader, optimism has to be in your bag of traits. It’s not easy, and mostly impossible, to see the summit when the mountains are cloudy but great leaders know it’s there.


As a good manager, you need a clear head. In fact, you wouldn’t have come far without a clear vision. Clarity allows you to have a vivid, real, and actionable vision. Great leaders have these figured out. They know what they want and how to get it. Most times, they create a plan to achieve their set goals as no team will follow a leader that doesn’t show them a roadmap. And if things don’t go as they envisioned, they have contingency plans to save the day. To become a better manager, start imbibing clarity in your everyday activities. You need to master clarity at all levels for effective leadership.


To master effective leadership as a manager, communication is important. It’s one of those skills you need to fully master. Practice communication in every circle you find yourself, from the lowest team circles to the boardroom, and even to the global scene. How do you do that? Practice sincerity and authenticity. Understand yourself and let it radiate. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, it allows ease in communicating fluently. Be a good listener, too. Be attentive. Ask important questions that open people up to speak and rant about their concerns.


Management leaders used to be isolated. They used to only attend to matters that fall in their domains. But things are changing with the advent of technology and more profound knowledge of how things are run. Now team leaders find a way to make things work across all sectors. But to be able to effectively master collaboration, one must practice it with intent. Of course, tech is enhancing the way we interact and it’s helping with collaboration but it needs human input and that’s where intentionality comes in.

Leadership Sails

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We know it’s not easy to imbibe all these leadership traits at a time. And trying to juggle mastering them and work makes the impossibility sky-high, which is why we are here in the first place. You don’t have enough time to learn how to master these traits and, even if you do, online pseudo-coaches are all over the place. Our product, SUPERMANAGER.APP, helps you every step of the way. FOR FREE. Also, the micro-lessons are in tiny bits so you can learn as you walk along the hallway into a board meeting.

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