SUPERMANAGER.APP will impact management worldwide, one manager at a time!

Brian Baptista has a passionate commitment to education and is a well-known Educational and Business consultant, with the prior successful startup COPUBLICA Education, that specialized in international development projects in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
Mr. Baptista is the CEO of SUPERMANAGER.APP

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Brian Baptista, CEO

Søren Jegindø has solid work experience in Management, Capacity Building, Consultancy, and ICT from both Africa and Asia, where he managed Danish-based firms for nearly 20 years, using the 21st Century Leadership style. Søren lived in East Africa for more than 16 years and has deep knowledge about how management can be improved. Mr. Jegindø is the COO of SUPERMANAGER.APP

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Søren Jegindø, COO


Prachi Jaiswal is an HR professional. She has had stints as a freelancer with various start-ups, helping them with their digital presence. She has more than 3 years of experience in Talent Acquisition, Campus Hiring, and Employee Engagement.

She’s An avid community builder and experienced social media influencer.

Ms. Jaiswal will be doing the same things here at SUPERMANAGER.APP as HR Manager.

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Prachi Jaiswal

Nikunj Gupta


Adeniyi Makinde is a marketing content manager, who started out as a freelance writer and has tested the waters of numerous niches. 

At SUPERMANAGER.APP, Mr. Makinde develops marketing copy, content, and campaigns to improve brand awareness and educate our audiences.

Mr. Makinde is responsible for the ideation and management of cross-platform and multi-segment content strategies.

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Adeniyi Makinde

Akhil Nair started with working in Reputed Media Agencies like Samachar Live, OpelOx Media And Marketing, helping them as well as their clients on Branding & Marketing Strategies in the Digital Space.​ A dynamic professional with over 2.5 years of experience in SMM, SEM, SEO & Online Reputation Management.


At SUPERMANAGER.APP, Mr. Akhil is working as a Community Manager working towards building Communities in the Digital Space.

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Akhil Nair