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About Us

SUPERMANAGER.APP provides operational microlearning and skill development in key topics to current and future leaders. We use the 21st Century Leadership Style, which has proven successful in the modern age of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration.


SUPERMANAGER.APP is a Danish education company founded by Brian Baptista and Søren Jegindø


How It Works



To a busy leader overwhelmed with work, the idea of going on a 2-day course can feel like a huge inconvenience and even a stressful event. This is a problem, as time-pressurized leaders may be compelled to decline the training they so desperately need to improve their performance.

Even if they manage to attend the course, the leader pressurised under time may only be attending in the body rather than the mind, as they remain heavily distracted by ongoing work issues.

Being too busy to train is a perennial problem. That’s why - if modern leaders don’t have the time to shift and train on structured courses - then training should be brought to their workplace in small bite-size chunks, at a time that suits them, using microlearning combined with an AI chatbot. Microlearning can make the inaccessible accessible. It does this by breaking down a typical structured two-day course into a series of 3 to 5-minute training in chatbot format that can be viewed individually by a busy leader on their mobile phone at a convenient point, to help with a pressing upcoming challenge.

At the same time, the World´s leaders have a lot of experience and know-how it is not shared in a structured way. Through the SUPERMANAGER app, authors like managers and CEO´s can share this experience and knowledge across the World and managers everywhere can learn from them.

How We Work

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Let Milla, the chatbot tutor, guide you through the fast lessons

Milla, the chatbot teacher, will guide you through the topics and the lessons. Fast, easy and very impactful on your skills

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SUPERMANAGER is full of advice from some of the best and most experienced managers in the World

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Get a certificate for every topic that you go through. It only takes minutes!


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